EnergyAustralia have a long standing partnership with Foodbank and the Essendon Football Club. For every goal kicked at every game, EnergyAustralia donate meals to Foodbank to help end hunger. The usual way of activating this partnership was to show Meals donated to Foodbank as Essendon kicked goals and place the three partnership logos as a footer to the message.
As Creative Director on this project while contracting to Bunch I was able see the missed opportunity. For the general public and specifically Essendon fans it was too easy to misunderstand the partnership. The public impression was that Essendon FC donated to Foodbank. We needed to place EnergyAustralia's involvement into the equation.
This insight led to myself and the Bunch team redesigning the message. We could clarify the partnership by designing an activation with an equation as the key message.
Essendon Goal + EnergyAustralia = Meals from Foodbank.
As a part of the activation fans got to kick goals too, helping EnergyAustralia give away more meals and feeling as though they were also helping their team kick goals. Corporate responsibility goals. 

Melbourne, creative direction, campaign pitch.

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